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As we wrapped up our sixth and final season in Provincetown, CUSP GALLERY made the decision to do what's best for the art and relocate to Newport, RI. Provincetown is ever changing and the challenges increased with each passing year. We decided to give it one more year, 2022, to see if the pendulum would level out, but it actually swung so far in the opposite direction which made the decision easier to relocate. 

We are currently scouting locations for the next iteration of CUSP in Newport and we cannot wait to disclose when and where we will be re-opening. So in the interim, art acquisitions are only available by contacting us through the website or sending a direct email to

In addition, with the ongoing supply chain situations which have directly affected our lumber resources, we can only offer PRINT ONLY or MOUNTED versions of Speer's Limited Edition Fine Art Photography. Feel free to inquire about sizes and prices. 

We look forward to continuing the creative process and we will see you at the Grand Opening Reception in 2023. 

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