by guest artist
Robin Reynolds_Juniper Rag_CUSP Gallery-01.jpg

We are so thrilled to announce that Robin Reynolds is the recipient of the solo show at CUSP Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

Why was Robin selected?

Robin's colorful and vibrant artwork really checked all the boxes for all three curators. Each piece presented with consistency and cohesive qualities that Robin is known for. The riot of color is perfect for spring coming out of the pandemic. Her process is one that unites abstraction with nature, botany, color, light and celebrates the depth and splendid chaos of the world with vibrant show-stopping excitement. We all have an emotional response when viewing her work and we felt that this impact was perfect for a show in Provincetown at this time. They are attractive also to both women and men, in a community that embraces art to the fullest. Also, they are highly marketable in Provincetown and fit the price point for that market. Her sizes were chosen with care, as it was obvious that she studied the space and selected work that would accommodate the aesthetic of the gallery and its owner. Curtis is a curator that checks the sizes of every piece so he can systematically configure hanging. This was smart on her part to send along work that fit that criteria for wall space. Finally, she has a body of work ready to go, as many artists coming out of the show-less pandemic probably do. Robin has a distinctive reputation for professionalism and has presented her work exactly as asked for.

This trust is so important as we collaborate with a prestigious partner like Curtis Speer.